The objectives of the MSc Program “Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation” are: 

Development of advanced skills and abilities applied to the oil and gas industry (e.g. basin analysis, sedimentology and sequence stratigraphy, structural geology, reservoir characterisation, acquisition and processing of seismic data, seismic interpretation, geostatistics, petrophysics and reservoir geomechanics, production engineering, drilling engineering, reservoir engineering etc.)

Application of these skills in the full spectrum of prospecting and exploration of hydrocarbons as well as in development and production activities, through lectures, fieldwork, projects and company visits.

Demonstration of modern methods and supplementary software for seismic interpretation, basin modelling, reservoir modelling and prospecting (Petrel Suite), Well logging, Production logging, reservoir simulation (CMG software), drilling, reservoir fluids studies, monitoring of producing wells in relation with economics and environmental parameters.

Promoting a culture of interdisciplinary cooperation and synergy between groups of geoscientists and engineers, simulating real working conditions in oil and gas companies.

Improvisation of communication skills, decision making, economic and risk analysis, as well as project management. Our students build strong team – working skills, but also independent research, planning and organising skills.

Overall, the aim of this postgraduate course is the high-quality training of geoscientists and engineers applied to the current needs of the oil and gas industry.