For these two years Master’s degree program, total tuition fees of 5.200 Euros apply. This amount must be paid in two installments, before the beginning of the 1st (2.600 Euros) and the 3rd Semester (2.600 Euros). Every International Student who wish to join the taught postgraduate program “Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation”, should know that, in order to secure his/her place at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a deposit of 1,000 Euros towards the tuition fee will be required. International students will only be required to pay the deposit once a place to this MSc Program has been confirmed. For this to happen every International student, meeting the Academic and English language requirements, has to reply to our offer and firmly accept it. Then, every International student will receive an email request when he/she is required to pay the deposit. The payment of this deposit may also assist every International student in applying for an immigration visa, if necessary. If your fees will be paid by a sponsor or a Company, or you are in receipt of a scholarship, a formal letter from the Company, the State or the sponsor confirming the arrangement is required. If this is the case you will be exempt from the tuition fee deposit.